Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Week in Review - August 15, 2010

August 15th now.  Really?  What happened to the first 15 days?
This week was busy busy busy with lots of job applications,  interviews, eBay orders.
Still did awesome with workouts and quasi awesome with food.
  • Number of workouts over the past week:  4.
  • Food:  Average. Except for Friday lunch.  That Johnny Rockets burger was a poor decision, and I was not all that impressed.  And I had my fair share of PBRs on Friday night.  Otherwise, I stepped it up on fruits, veggies and protein this week.  (is butter a carb?)
  • Number of Hours Slept:  Average.  Went to bed in the a.m. most nights but took some naps.
  • Daily water:  Getting better.  Needs improvement
  • Total miles run thus far:  8.21
  • Total pounds lost thus far:  10.4 lbs
Goals for this upcoming week:  RUN!
Post-church:  At Sunday lunch on August 15th. 
For now, eating a grape Push Up and watching Hot Tub Time Machine before bed.  Fist pump!

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