Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goals. Why not reach for the stars?

It's always good to have goals.  To stay focused on excellence, I keep a Goal Binder for all areas of my life (Career, Health, Family, Friends, Finances, Fun Stuff/Hobbies). It's what keeps me going on a day-to-day basis.

In a binder, I keep a numbered checklist of goals on looseleaf paper, accompanied by photos, printouts and magazine cutouts that inspire me to reach my goals, and I update/edit the book as needed ( How to make a goal book). If I reach the goal, I check off that goal.   If, after weeks/months I no longer want to reach the goal, I cross it off.

My newest goal entry:  Run 250 miles by New Years 2011!
Yesterday, while doing a short evening run, I thought about how much I used to run in college, nearly everyday!  My love for running started when I arrived at the University of IllinoisUrbana-Champaign campus, for pre-college orientation.  The first image I remember seeing on campus was a chick, who happened to be wearing a red Jimmy Eat World tee, running outside.   

So much in life seems inflexible and unchangeable, and part of the joy of running and especially racing is the realization that improvement and progress can be achieved. - Nancy Anderson, runner

I saw her and thought:  "I want to do that. I want to be a runner.".  So my first year of college, my novice running self started running nearly everyday.  I started off slow, but after two months, I was running my first 5K and loving everything about running.   I ran outside.   I ran at my campus' indoor track.  I ran on the treadmill.  I ran solo. I ran with friends.  Running literally kept me going throughout those years.  

When I was mad/angry, I threw a CD into my portable player (pre-mp3 player least for me), usually a  Linkin' Park assortment burned from Blubster, and ran for as long as I could.  Sometimes it'd be a quick run for 20 minutes.  Other times it'd be much longer.  Sometimes, I wouldn't keep track.    When I was happy/excited I would run.  Usually with a Britney Spears assortment, also courtesy of Blubster.  And when I was bored/had nothing better to do, I would run, constantly setting new goals.  New distances/paths.   New abilities. 

I frickin' loved how my abs/legs/body/mind felt during/after running and I loved that running kept me in excellent shape.   Now, as I embark on my 250 mile journey, I'm excited to see where I land.

Upcoming running goals:
  • Long Saturday runs
  • Chicago Lung Run 5k Sept 11th
  • More running outside!
  • 250 miles by New Years 2011!

Nancy Anderson, runner 

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