Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Starting over. Again.

I've been bad.  After gaining way too much weight over the winter months, I rededicated my weight loss aspirations in March.  Since then I haven't been consistent.  My wake-up call came this week when my doctor told me my lab results show high glucose levels and high cholestorol.  She says I need to incorporate 30-mins of exercise five days a week, and that is what I will do.

I've put my weight loss tracker back to zero and started from scratch yesterday by resuming lunch-time yoga (40 mins) and a post-work elliptical session (30 mins).

My updated plan (via MyFitnessPal):  

Net Calories Consumed* / Day1,350 calories/day
Carbs / Day186 g
Fat / Day45 g
Protein / Day51 g
Calories Burned / Week1,120 calories/week
Workouts / Week5 Workouts
Minutes / Workout30 mins
Calories Burned
From Normal Daily Activity2,100 calories/day
Net Calories Consumed*
Your Daily Goal1,350 calories/ day
Daily Calorie Deficit750 calories
Projected Weight Loss1.5 lbs/ week

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tapping for Weight Loss

Some have tried it all for weight loss:  Diet Pills, Fad Diets, Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting, you name it!  But what about dealing with emotions to tap into weight loss?  This month's issue of Fitness magazine discussed the effects of hypnosis by showcasing a woman who tried to lose 15 pounds with hypnosis. The result:  She was skeptical but lost about half the weight.

Wells, how about tapping?  Not the shuffle, stomp, kick-ball-change tapping, but pinpointing areas on your body to tap into emotions.

What is tapping?  From what I've seen it's mostly listening to starting a conversation with yourself by thinking of statements/about questions regarding a topic, tapping into your emotions, being honest with your feelings and learning to accept yourself.   See video below.  Comments?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Part-time Writer Opportunity

Cyn Gets Thin is a blog about the ups and downs of living in a fast food nation and trying to lose weight.  I document my successes, my failures and my overall daily experiences.  As I continue with my mission to get fit and lose a little over 50 pounds, I'm looking for contributing writers.  If you'd like to write about fitness, weight loss and food for "Cyn Gets Thin" send me a message via Twitter @CynGetsThin. Guest bloggers are WELCOME!