Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Starting over. Again.

I've been bad.  After gaining way too much weight over the winter months, I rededicated my weight loss aspirations in March.  Since then I haven't been consistent.  My wake-up call came this week when my doctor told me my lab results show high glucose levels and high cholestorol.  She says I need to incorporate 30-mins of exercise five days a week, and that is what I will do.

I've put my weight loss tracker back to zero and started from scratch yesterday by resuming lunch-time yoga (40 mins) and a post-work elliptical session (30 mins).

My updated plan (via MyFitnessPal):  

Net Calories Consumed* / Day1,350 calories/day
Carbs / Day186 g
Fat / Day45 g
Protein / Day51 g
Calories Burned / Week1,120 calories/week
Workouts / Week5 Workouts
Minutes / Workout30 mins
Calories Burned
From Normal Daily Activity2,100 calories/day
Net Calories Consumed*
Your Daily Goal1,350 calories/ day
Daily Calorie Deficit750 calories
Projected Weight Loss1.5 lbs/ week

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