Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's July! Time to Watch Teen Mom

It's July and I'm feeling better about fitness.  I joined my local Y and am LOVING it.  Sometimes a change of scenery just helps.  My old gym just wasn't working for me anymore --- mostly because it was only open M-F, was a 45-min commute from my home, I had to pack a huge gym bag with shower stuff and the gym has no windows.

I upgraded to the Y where they have windows and an indoor pool.  Although I don't consider myself a "swimmer", it's nice to know I have a pool.  My commute to the gym is only 5 mins.  I can get changed at home and show up with only the clothes on my back.  Also, my Y's ellipticals have tvs!  Last Thursday I hopped on the elliptical.  Someone left CNN on and I stared at Eliot Spitzer as he interviewed a familiar face about US immigration reform.  I knew why Mr. Spitzer looked familiar but I couldn't figure out why the guy he was interviewing looked so familiar.  Within minutes I figured it out:  Jose Antonio Vargas is an award-winning journalist who interviewed me back in 2004, when he had just begun his career with the Washington Post.  I was in D.C. for a journalism conference --- UNITY 2004.   My quotes didn't make it in the final story, but it's still cool to say that such a stellar writer wanted my input and gave me his business card, which I held onto up until last year when I figured if 6 years had gone by and I hadn't yet contacted him for career support, it was about time to get rid of it.   Back in '04, Vargas asked me how I felt about the representation of minority journalists. Did lighter-skinned black journalists get hired over darker skinned?  Did Latinos who sounded like native speakers get preference over those who did not?  And here he was in 2011, right before my elliptical, being interviewed by Eliot Spitzer about his undocumented immigrant status.    It's a funny thing to realize you met someone before they became BIG.

Tonight's Agenda:  Watch the premiere of Teen Mom whilst I elliptical.   I need to workout and I don't have cable.  It's a win-win situation.

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