Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Half Marathon Shoe

In about 12 weeks I will run13.1 miles.  I'm nervous because I'm not in tip-top shape now.  Luckily a lot can change in 3 months!  This race - Rock N Roll Half in St. Louis - will be my second half-marathon.  My first was in 2009 when I was also 15 pounds lighter than I am now.  My time then: 3:07:12.  I anticipate that over the next week the running will inevitably shed pounds -- it always does for me when I keep it consistent.  I'm following Hal Higdon's training plan for novices.  My goal time:  Under 2:50

Now ladies, mama needs new half-marathon shoes!  Last race I ended up with blisters after I rocked some pretty generic Reeboks -- which I think were technically "walking" shoes.  I'm going to a local running store next week to get fitted but before I go -- any shoe suggestions for a flat-footed runner?  I've been curious about those toe shoes ....yanno, these: 

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