Monday, March 28, 2011

That Don't Impress Me Much

I'm not impressed with my fitness progress this month. Talk about inconsistent and sometimes just plain lazy.  

Last week's stats:  
Exercise:  2 workouts
Miles run: 1.4
Sleep:  Horrendous
Water:  I need to purchase a Brita pitcher/filter and stop relying on plastic water bottles.  Aquafina.

Netflix cannot continue to steal all of my post-work, evening time.  As much as I love hibernating in my apartment and watching episode after episode of the British Skins (Mtv's got nothing on this original, even though I also enjoy the American version, which is way better than I expected based on the previews and which is not just a plot repeat of every British episode if you make it past Episode one), random movies and King of the Hill (259 episodes from 1997 to 2010!), my exercise efforts for March were lame.
Skins, UK-style.  I watched Volumes 1 thru 3 in two weeks via Netflix streaming.  Then I  bought Volume 4 from since there was a "long wait" on Netflix and it was unstreamable.  Watched Volume 4 in two days.  Then sold it on eBay.   Amazing series (for those who like teen dramas).
I thought not having cable would make me watch less tv.   False.  Things are mighty dangerous with endless tv and movie content at my fingertips. Literally, Netflix.  I've been without a cable subscription since November 2010 and I watch/stream everything online...or head over to a buddy's place if there's something I can't see online.  

It'd be nice if the cold weather didn't confine my running to gym treadmills...which brings me to April.  I see April as bright and shiny.  And rainy.  I do expect April showers to bring May flowers, after all.  Regardless, I choose April to really step up my fitness goals.  I'm signed up for an 8K April 10th (Shamrock Shuffle).  I'm also signed up for a challenge on dailymile to run 100 miles during the month of April.  Yes, this hibernating, Netflixed-crazed, only-ran-10-miles-all-year girl prays for increase.  Specifically a 10-fold increase in miles. I'm up for the challenge.  Time to kick it up.  Hopefully Mr. Sun will be more consistent soon since I tend to run outside with more frequency and for longer periods of time than I do on the treadmill.  

Speaking of 100, the institution at which I attended law school called and asked if I could donate $100.  Just now.   I kindly told the mechanical engineering student rep who called that I would love to except for the fact that Sallie Mae already has dibs on that $100 and the next several hundred...thousand.

I assured him I planned to donate in the future when I can afford it.  Most likely around 2025.

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