Friday, March 18, 2011

Let It All Hang Out

This week flew by.  Even though I was super busy at work, I managed to squeeze in two workouts, and have a morning run scheduled for tomorrow a.m. with my running buddy Tonster.  That Shamrock Shuffle 8k is just around the corner.  Bring it spring weather.

Song of the moment update: 

The week in review:
Weight - Gained 0.6 pounds.  BOO.
Total workouts - 3
Sleep - Poor
Calories - Reasonable.  Participated in Healthy Lunch week at work, and had to eat at least one big piece of fruit or 1 cup of fruit AND 1 cup of veggies.   Completed the week with some tasty veggie lunches thanks to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.  Also bought my first mango ever (still have yet to eat it) and ate some Lara bars.

Water - Drank like a fish.
Fitness highlight:  Completing a super fun Turbo Jam class with my older sister at Women's Workout World

My first Mango purchase!
Two ingredients: cashews & dates. Gluten free. How on earth does she do that?

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