Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kick in the Butt

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE quotes.  I live by them.   For some time I’ve subscribed to RunnersWorld.com “Daily Kick in the Butt” and receive inspirational running/life quotes in my inbox.  Back in 2007, said source posted 101 Kicks in Butt - 101 tips for finding inspiration to run.  I've completed the first two steps (1) Blogging (2) Mama, Get a New Pair of Shoes.

I could stand to follow two other tips:

ONE: EVERY MILE YOU RUN burns roughly 100 calories. Think of that next six-miler as two slices of pizza. Note from Cyn:  The pizza I eat is usually a min. of 150 calories per slice so my next six-miler is more like 1.3 slices, or in the case of Giordano's deep dish cheese, prolly 0.3 slices.

Classic Rock
"Don't Stop Me Now," Queen
"Break on Through," The Doors
 "Gimme Shelter," Rolling Stones
"Come Together" the Beatles
"What Do You Do for Money Honey," AC/DC

This post wouldn't be complete without today's Daily Kick In the Butt:
I don't think you can become an outstanding runner unless you get a certain amount of enjoyment out of the suffering. You have to enjoy absorbing it, controlling it and—ultimately—overcoming it.  ~Derek Clayton in The Masters of the Marathon

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