Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Rahm

First things first, in honor of Black History month, some Ol' Man River.

As for working out, I just keep rolling along.  Today I made it to the gym for a lunchtime cardio session.   Whenever I squeeze in a lunchtime workout, my day inevitably gets better.  For example, after I worked out today, I ran into Rahm Emanuel.   I know it had nothing to do with working out, especially since I didn't see him until my post-work commute home, but I want to say the workout somehow set that up for me.  The only word exchanged was "hello!".   I said it the same way one would say it to an old friend they hadn't seen in years.   True, this was my second encounter with the Rahmanator.  My first was in 2005 while I was doing a news reporting and production internship with CBS Radio.  But that doesn't quite add up to the "hey ole buddy,  How you been?" chemistry.

Rahm Emanuel greeting CTA riders.  From Chicago Now's Going Public RedEye Blog

Here's what my one-hour lunchtime workout looks like:
-10 min commute  CTA/walk
-30 min workout   Cardio
-8ish min shower
-10 min commute CTA/walk

It's a tight squeeze but it works and I feel fabulous.  And I still get to eat lunch, at my desk while I work.  Always gotta remember to pack a towel and shower shoes.  The midday workout is reminiscent of college days because it creates the illusion that I have "free time".

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