Monday, February 14, 2011

It's gonna be me

I got to watching N Sync music videos today on YouTube/Vevo and couldn't believe it's been 10 years since they were da bomb. Not sure if people even use that term anymore but I vividly remember my sisters learning the It's Gonna Be Me dance  from a VHS tape my younger sister taped off the Disney Channel.  The video was sandwiched between a Destiny's Child video, Aaron Carter video and Britney Live in Hawaii concert.   Because I wasn't as coordinated I didn't participate in the dance re-enactment. I'm still trying to figure out what "Dirty Pop" is.

It's funny how time flies.

It's also funny how time flies whenever I take a "break" from working out.  A day turns into days, then weeks.

Two weeks ago Blizzilla hit Chicago and I was stuck inside for three days straight.  Talk about cabin fever.   I was super inactive and went completely insane with my diet and exercise.  My three days of solitude consisted of checking e-mail from my couch (when I had electricity), sleeping, looking out the window at people digging cars out of snow, finding items to sell on eBay and salvaging whatever junk food was around my crib.  Walgreens was closed.  The grocery store was closed.  My gym was closed.  My work was closed. The only thing open was Dunkin Donuts.

I did squeeze in one Slim in Six workout and hula hooped with my weighted hula hoop.  But mostly I watched countless hours of early 2000 Fox/WB teen dramas online (holla at the O.C.).
Working towards my beach body with Slim in 6.

My personal fitness DVD collection 
To make matters worse, the following week was bitterly cold outside which for me equaled more ridiculous amounts of inactivity.   Really I had no excuse for not getting a Biggest Loser-style full-day work out on...except for when I had no electricity.  I own an assortment of fitness DVDS, a yoga mat and have online access to a gazillion workouts via YouTube and Netflix.    Why not get hardcore?

I was lazy and more concerned with Ryan and Marissa's rocky relationship. I swear that girl lacks common sense.  First she falls for crazy Oliver, then unstable Johnny.  Girl needs to get it together, as do I.

It was super snowy outside.

Getting back on track little by little, day by day.   It's gonna be me.


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