Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Use stickers for workout motivation

While I was in law school steadlily gaining weight with each passing academic year, I read a lot of stories on how to lose weight.  Sometime after 1L year, I stumbled across a before/after story in some lady fitness mag (Self, Fitness, Shape? --- not sure which one). The story was about a couch potato turned military chick who after deciding to join the military had to lose some pounds to pass her physical fitness military exam.  The magazine asked her how she did it, and one thing she mentioned was that after each workout she put a sticker in her calendar to mark her success.

As soon as I read her story, I was motivated to do the same.  After all, my sister's wedding was months away, and I wanted to look better than ever in my Bridesmaid dress. I went out and purchased some grade-schooly type stickers from the Dollar Store and went to work on my sticker plan.  Using the kind that say, "Way to Go"  and "You Rock", my weight loss increased with each week.  Two months later, my calendar looked like a hurricane of stickers had exploded onto it -- and I was down 10 pounds!  It was an amazing feeling to see how many workouts I had completed.  It didn't hurt that my bridesmaid dress had to be taken in as well.

I need to resurrect the STICKER plan.

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