Thursday, April 14, 2011

Throw Some Glitter. Make it Rain.

Ran my First 8K on Sunday!  Time:  1:07:02.  I'll take it.  How did it go? 

We finished our first 8K - Me & Tonster
For an out-of-shape mid-westerner, pretty good.  I placed in the top 91.6%, which put me ahead of a little over 2,700 runners.  If only I had shaved these extra 2 seconds off.  Next year I'll have a time to beat!

The week in review:
Miles: 4.97
Workout Time: 4 hours, 27 minutes
Calories burned (approx. cals burned through exercise): 1616
Workouts: FIVE!

Besides the 8K, didn't get much running in throughout last week.  Did do some yoga, weighted hula hooping and got a Wii!  I'm looking for any and all suggestions for Wii workout games.

Send me some motivation and follow my training on Cyn's Daily Mile.

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  1. I love the Wii sports resort and all of its games.