Wednesday, April 27, 2011

265-calorie hot dog

I ate a healthy lunch today!

The 265-calorie chicken dog

  • Chicken Hot dog in wheat bun with yellow mustard and relish
  • Salad with Balsamic Vinegrette Dressing
  • 16 oz water

The best part: the hot dog was only 265 calories and the weiner was unprocessed whole food. Key ingredients were chicken and apples. 

Salad was fresh greens topped with a few croutons, a spoonful of pasta salad, a sprinkle of monteray jack cheese and shredded carrots.

W/Balsamic Vinegrette

Other snacks throughout the day included lots of water, cashews and an apple. Tonight I’m headed to Japonais for sushi and plan to load up on veggies. I hope it is glorious.
Before the dressing was added

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