Monday, January 17, 2011

What's up Alanis?

I don't own an iPod.  Instead I use my Blackberry phone to listen to music on the go/while working out, exclusively via Pandora's app.  Right now, to understand where I'm at we'll have to do a flashback back to 1995 when most girls aged 10 to 30 reveled in the girl power antics of Ms. Alanis Morrisette.  That's where I've been while working out these last two weeks: Alanis Pandora internet radio station feat. Alanis herself plus Sheryl, Tracy, Jewel and all those mid-90s chick rockers. Not sure how I got here especially considering the most recent concert I attended was Wu Tang -- not my type of music, but a super good concert (isn't it ironic?).  Alanis is mos def singing about diff stuff. 

It's been two-ish weeks since I created her Pandora station and I ain't sick of her yet. Maybe because her music brings me back to my debt-free-stress-free-pre-teen self when I delighted in stuff like getting a Jagged Little Pill cd for Christmas and thought I was super cool when I found the hidden acoustic track, Your Room.
 I also managed to finally wear a Bebe sport 80s style workout sweatband I bought on clearance for $1.50 around the time I started college. Gotsta keep it real.  

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